NET heals naturally.

We all know how stress reflects on our lives. There are two types of stress. The first one is productive and allows us to exceed our limits, while the second one has a negative impact on our health. Moreover, if you remain stressed for a longer period of time, you will end up suffering from chronic NETstress. When you experience stress, both your body and mind suffer from it. This means you should take care of both instead of focusing only on the mind. This happens because stress is perceived by our body as a natural response and it offers a state of alertness combined with elevated blood pressure. So, if it is not treated, serious health issues can be triggered.
There are various treatments for both physical and behavioral stress. One of the most innovative practices is called NET and it is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. NET represents a method of spotting and treating neurological issues that are caused by stress.
Those that provide NET services can deal with a multitude of problems that include chronic pains, phobias, anxiety, low self-esteem or several medical conditions. Anyway, this practice should not be mistaken with a healing option. NET is responsible for identifying and reestablishing the natural source of energy of our body. This means that it encourages it to heal naturally and to find its curative elements from within.

How does NET influence our well-being?

There were various studies that led to the development of NET. It was discovered that neuroscientist are the ones responsible for how we perceive different emotions. Their receptors are placed directly on the neurons and on various cells present all around our body. Hence, these amino acid chains are released when stressful situations occur and relocate on neuro-receptors.
Moreover, this process is put in motion when the patient remembers a painful memory that was packed with stressful triggers. This is the principle that lays at the basis of NET practices. This key factor is that the mind is reproducing the psychological state that was experienced in that particular memory. Hence, your practitioner will encourage you to recognize that event and to deal with those particular emotions.
This Neuro Emotional Technique teaches the mind how to identify and how to release a stress pattern that was established in our lives. Those negative feelings are able to influence our wellbeing, which can lead to serious health problems. NET allows the patient to resolve those inner problems by creating a mental picture of that particular event. After the image was established the patient is encouraged to reach a specific body point. This is meant to aid the body in removing that negative factor from your life.
Always remember that NET cannot be a replacement of psychotherapy. In this practice you won`t be counseled or put through some therapy methods. NET is meant only to deal with mind blockages that cause health issues. It is true that many therapists use NET in their sessions and this happens because it can help the patient in feeling relieved and relaxed.
So, you may wonder why you should opt for NET. Well, the answer is rather simple. NET takes into account any event and classifies it as an emotional reality. The main purpose of NET is that of recognizing and resolving long-held emotions that may have a negative imprint on our lives. This practice is meant to allow both body and mind to heal. Moreover, it restores the balance and creates a harmony between the two.